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Work Philosophy

Balancing cost and quality can be a difficult task.  Hostpress has achieved this balance which unique in this industry.  Our philosophy is built on trust.

Hostpress collaborates with trusted partners to provide clients with the best possible solution for their wants. We guide our clients though a series of questionnaires. You can start by downloading our branding and messaging survey we find it helps clients discover that maybe what they want is not useful for their brand.  The philosophy of less is more not only can be applied to a web site but is essential.

The first question to ask is who is going to manage the day to day of the site?  We keep it simple.

Here are some other useful documents.

The website content check list is a good place to start.

Content Development services are not included in any of our Web Development Services, these are separate. You will most likely be able to explain your message better after going through the message and branding survey.  If you still need content creation services we can direct you to one of our trusted partners.



Website Content Checklist

Hostpress Message Questionaire

HostPress Website Design Contract Sample

Sample of project timeline

Hostpress Usability Checklist



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